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Chatsworth honey ale

A small batch craft ale infused with honey from the Chatsworth Kitchen Garden.

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Product description

Working closely with local craft brewer Resting Devil, our team have produced this small batch honey ale. 

Locally brewed and infused with honey harvested from the heart of the Chatsworth Kitchen Garden, this craft ale captures the real taste of the garden at Chatsworth, which has provided the estate with seasonal fruits and culinary herbs since 1549. 

Great Taste Award
We are delighted that the Chatsworth Honey Ale has been awarded 2 Stars at the 2023 Great Taste Awards.

Judge's tasting notes:

"This slightly hazy golden beer has a heady honey aroma. On drinking, it is surprisingly dry. The honey is there but is makes you very aware in a clever, subtle way, that it is still a beer with a hint of sweetness. It is not just about the honey, there are other flavours there that give it complexity. It manages its balancing act very well and could so easy be wrong but we find it an incredibly well made beer.

A beautiful nose of honey and sweet promise gives way to a surprisingly subtle flavour, where the inherent bitterness of the beer is matched by the sweetness of the honey.

Nice and deep floral note with some delicate honey and dried flowers. It is very delicate and subtle, not pronounced enough to highlight the honey. There's a lovely interplay between the honey and malt and it is very nicely composed.

I urge any craft ale enthusiast to try a bottle."

75cl, ABV 5.9%

Allergens present: Barley, Wheat

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